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Introduction : Présentation des expéditions (quêtes mondiales)

Keishava rédigé le Respond Load last 0 comments There was an error fetching comments, please reload the page. Nouveau Commentaire: As others have said the Falc needs to be the first pet according to the quest text and cannot die plus must be summoned before beginning.

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I have done several pet battles and not got credit. The last time I did it , I completed everything as required and still failed to credit because after the battle was over my Falcosaur was no longer summoned even though I had him summoned before the battle began!

VERY frustrating. Incidentally just noticed you had this page for this pet battle series. Wonderful, I was trying them on my own with sometimes limited success. You already reported this comment.

Wow - Que de la gueule

You must be logged in to vote on comments 2. I had multiple fights where there was only a single non-Falcosaur alive and it worked. I also accidentally had the wrong Hatchling summoned during the fight and it still succeeded. Respond You must be logged in to vote on comments 0. You must be logged in to vote on comments 3. You will have to click on the alternative strategies to the right to get to the different strats for the different pets.

You'll see that all the strats for Bloodgazer have beast pets, Direbeak has humanoids, etc. Respond You must be logged in to vote on comments 3. You must be logged in to vote on comments 1.

Meet The Maw - Quête - World of Warcraft

I don't know why anyone would downvote it, seeing as what Rayyn said is true. None of these strats I've been seeing are taking into account the requirements the quest text specifies which means most of them will not work. Some updated strategies would be wonderful, whenever possible!

You must be logged in to vote on comments 4. Not sure if I just got lucky or if Blizz made these quests a little easier. Considering the quest text for each one specifically states these requirements. Good to know!

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  • I'll have to give it a try sometime. But since I did it myself just a few days ago I can definitely say that the Falcosaur does not have to be in the first slot. And it can even die during battle, you still get credit.

    It'd be nice if Blizzard updated their quest text for that. The listed requirements make it so much harder than it has to be, for those who don't know that it's inaccurate. I did not use the hatchling in battle or have him summoned prior to the fight.

    Partie 1 : Nouveautés de l'édition 2018

    He does get hit in the back row so maybe that counts? You must be logged in to vote on comments 0. But it is not like it was for Rayyn back in November. With the limited number of World Quests up at one time and working on the last 3 mounts all at the same time, I have had the Falcosaur with the current quest I am working on as my summoned pet. I don't want to waste time finding out if that is a requirement because it is so easy to do. I have always had it on the team I am playing basically for the same reason. That means I cannot speak for those requirements.

    In support of what a few others have said, and as an FYI for what it is worth. My Falcosaur has died, and I have had it in a slot to match the abilities of the other team, not always the first slot. So after you assemble your team with or without Falcosaur make sure to summon the appropriate one.

    Falcosaur has to be IN the team, but it doesn't matter which row, it doesn't matter if it has an active turn or if it dies.

    Meet The Maw

    It also does not have to be summoned out. Tested for 7. It was carried out with a Sharptalon while working on the Sharptalon Team Up, battling Andurs and Rydyr, making sure it was out during both battles. The result is that the assertion is correct, at least in this case. Can't speak for the other Team Up quests but will certainly try it out on the remaining ones.

    Guide de la Sanssaint : Sommaire

    Although both Day-5 and Day are pet battle quests, the requirements are different. The Day-5 quests need to "summon the falcosaur out" instead of "let the falcosaur join the battle", which means as long as you summon falcosaur with you before the battle, you get credit even without it actually in your battle team. I'm not sure if this is the right place to mention this, but it might be helpful for someone who confuses these quests. Would require quite a lot of coding from my end. I hope I'll be able to do something similar which should serve the same purpose more or less soon: However, the fights here are for the Team Rumble Please make sure that those are the fights you're doing and not any of the others There were those who took their time to send in their suggestions, which I have all tried and tested and the ones that have made it on to your site, are those that passed.

    To all of you who've sent in strategies, both those that are on the site and those who didn't make it, I would like to say Thank you. And to XuFu: Smoking-Lounge im Dubliner! Das Dubliner verfügt über eine separate gemütliche Raucher- Lounge, so dass ihr auch weiterhin, in kuscheliger Wärme, eurem Laster frönen könnt. Home Welcome to Dubliner! Die Konzerte beginnen um Platzreservierungen bitte über http: Next Special-Guests. La phase 2 est la plus compliquée du combat, dans le sens où il y a énormément de choses différentes qui se Gueule-meurtrie - PNJ - World of Warcraft - fr.

    Welcome to Dubliner!